Come Up and See Me…Make me Smile

I just finished loading up the car (with my husband’s help) with my little purple canopy, velvety drapes, cushions, my little tarot table, my traveling tarot pack, and my favorite water bottle.  I don’t know how on earth I’m going to unpack it much less set it all up. My fumbling about will probably be comical to watch. I’m very aware at this moment that tomorrow will be a real test on my back.

I’ll be spending the day at PaganFaire at the Washington County Fairgrounds (just outside of Portland) and I will be there doing tarot readings ALL DAY.

If you are in the area please stop by and say hi (whether you get a reading or not)! I’ll be the little purple booth with little twinkle lights and a big yellow sign that says “Tarot” so you can’t miss me. Also, a percentage of the proceeds will go to the organization putting on this festival.

Many Blessings on your Journey )O(



4 thoughts on “Come Up and See Me…Make me Smile

    • Wow, I’m completely wiped out today. I forgot how draining back to back to back readings were. There was a line most of the day so I only took one bathroom break. People didn’t start getting tired and grumpy until late in the day (I’ll admit that I was probably the tired grumpy one). An argument about who was next in line only happened once. I refuse to take sides on that issue because I have no idea who was “next” as I was paying attention to the person seated across from me. So while they were busy arguing, I waved to the person behind them to come and have a seat. Luckily there was only one creepy person who kept wanting to hold hands so I could feel his “powerful energy” (shudder).

      All in all I read for some really great, fun, and friendly people and even had a reading exchange with a fellow reader. I may just do this festival thing again someday!


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      • Looks as if it was a success 🙂
        Next time see that you have brakes… I can well imagine that this is hard/intensive work.
        Hehe, ^ Vetch in Mum-mode X) Sorry 😀

        Allso it’s something I’d like to try myself. One does need a tent though…

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  1. I hope you try it! ‘Tis the season for festivals here in the Pacific Northwest; probably there where you live too. It was indoors, but it still paid off to have a tent with pretty stuff. Do that and you’ll automatically have people gravitate towards you. It gives a sense of privacy and it feels more welcoming. I would have taken a picture of my setup but I never completely got it ‘set up’. I had people asking for a reading before I even got my cards out. I literally had my butt facing them while digging through a box trying to find them! You’ll probably be way more organized than me-and punctual too; most everyone I know is. You might get a few dirty looks from one or two readers nearby because you’ll have a line of people and they won’t 🙂 But thankfully not everyone is like that and you’ll have fellow readers coming over to get a quick mini reading out of curiosity. In the future I’ll make time to do my rounds. I didn’t even get to do any shopping!!! (which my husband is thankful for) ‘Humph’.

    In the future (if I forget how tired I still am) I’m making a ‘Gone to Lunch’ sign and firmly telling the people in line that they can come back later. Thanks for looking out for me ‘Vetch Mum’ 😀


    p.s. let me know if you decide to do it!


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