What Being a Priestess of the Goddess Means to Me



Who am I, this woman I call myself? I am known to others as a wife. a mother, a lover, a daughter, a friend. I am also an initiated Priestess of the Goddess. My decision to become a Priestess was a Spiritual commitment that was not taken lightly. Among many things, it means living both responsibly and responsively. It’s being conscious of my actions and how those actions not only affect the people I love, but the world around me, both seen and unseen. It’s loving and nurturing my children, allowing them to become who they are meant to be. It’s having respect and reverence for nature. It’s about caring for the environment, for our Earth is a gift from the Goddess. Being a Priestess is my way of expressing my love and respect to Her in return.

Choosing to live as an active Priestess means I choose to carry a torch on Her behalf with a deep willingness to bring light and balance to my life and to the lives of others who seek it. I trust in Her, knowing that she is of a loving and accepting nature, not angry, jealous, or vengeful. I am aware that I have free will, and I choose to follow Her, ever striving for freedom and peaceful meaning in my life. I want to know who I truly am. I want to feel the love for myself that I feel for my loved ones, for nature, the spirits, and the sky.

As a Priestess of the Goddess I yearn to know her mysteries. Since I was a young child, I’ve felt the distant beat of a drum within my soul, an inner-knowing, a thirst for truth. What was that pull, making me gravitate toward something unseen, something I didn’t have a name for? The unnamed would grow stronger and stronger until one day I would come to recognize it as the beating heart of the Goddess. This rhythmic pulse continues to intensify every day I choose to walk the Path. The vibration now matches the beating of my own heart. My awareness is our bond, for I now know that Her presence is within me as mine is within Her. We are ultimately one and the same. That spark of magic is Her blessing to us all. It’s a choice offered, not a requirement to reach beauty in the afterlife.

Beauty is in the here and now. Look around you. What do you see? A computer screen? Look some more. Find a window and have a better look. What is your window showing you? Perhaps you witness the magic of a hummingbird zooming by. Feel the sun shining through the glass, warming your face. Watch the soft spring rain, listen as it taps on your rooftop. Find a door, go outside and run your fingers down the rough bark of a tree. Take the time to look into your pet’s eyes, seeing the adoration they have in theirs when they look back at you. Feel a loved one’s embrace. Allow the laughter of a child warm your heart.

The Priestess I am and the Priestess I have yet to become draws me ever closer to the Goddess. I continue to become more aware of my role, of my loving intention, and the awakening of my soul. My destination is to become closer to the Goddess, to speak my truth, and work in tune with others to create a better world. I believe It is then that my odyssey truly begins.

Blessings on your Journey )O(


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