Email Tarot Readings; How They Work

The Process

After you select your reading and I receive payment via Paypal, I will send you a simple questionnaire. When I receive your information, including your question, I will contact you to let you know when to expect your Tarot reading. For your reading, I will choose a Tarot deck based on the energy of your question. (I work mostly with the Radiant Rider Waite, Golden Tarot, or The Witches Tarot ). Concentrating carefully on your situation and channeling your energy as I shuffle, I will then draw the cards for you and prepare your Tarot reading. It will be emailed to you after its completion, including clear photos of the cards drawn.

I enjoy engaging with my clients on a personal level. I won’t have you pay me, send me your questionaire, and then email you back a reading that looks like a form letter! I ask that you actively participate in the reading by asking questions relating to the cards drawn.

My availability
I devote my time and energy to a limited number of Tarot readings each month so that I can give you the very best attention to your reading.



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