The Gnome Project; Mother’s Day Musings

I have always said that I don’t want or need a Hallmark card or flowers for Mother’s Day because what I really want is a hug and a kiss from each of my kids. Even so, I was brought a warmed cinnamon roll to me in bed this morning along with little laminated poems my children made at school. They took great pride in their work so I read the poems out loud and shared the cinnamon roll with them.

I was then cryptically told there was one more little thing waiting for me in the dining room. I reminded them that I just wanted lots of hugs and kisses (although I must admit the cinnamon roll was a nice treat). I was shushed and told to close my eyes while I was led by little hands to the last “little thing”.

“Okay, you can look!” I opened my eyes and was immediately face to face with a 3 foot tall garden gnome standing on the dining room table staring at me. Much to the delight of my youngest children, I jumped in surprise, my hand clutching my throat, more than likely to hold back a scream. Oh but what sweetness there was in hearing them squeal in excitement and laugh at my reaction.


One by one, my grown children came by to share a hug, kiss, and an “I love you”. One brought me a pot of tulips, (my favorite flower) another brought me a very sweet card (even though he knows how I feel about cards) along with a tiny Tarot deck (one of the itty bitty teeny ones) and a small book on mindfulness. The third one brought over Chinese food for everyone and we all shared a meal that I didn’t have to cook which was really nice. I even got a text from my oldest daughter who leads a very troubled life. It was such a relief to hear from her.

After my older kids left, I finished loading the dishwasher with the help of my two youngest. I sent them off to finish their homework as I wiped down the counters. Smiling over the events of the day, I finished up in the kitchen and rebooted the dryer. Turning to head back to the living room, I gasped, startled by the presence of The Gnome.

He has got to go.

Maybe no one was truly aware of how creepy I would find this giant garden gnome. But then again, maybe they were perfectly aware. Perhaps that was the point. I swear I saw his eyes move more than once, following me.

Since this morning I’ve been trying to think of what I was going to do with him.

I thought about chucking it into the neighbor’s yard but realized that was silly. Mostly because I knew I couldn’t throw something that heavy (this thing is ridiculously dense) at least not well enough to go over the blackberry brambles and onto the other property. And there was also a part of me that was afraid of being successful only to get up in the morning to find him sitting in the exact same spot on the dining room table (cue Psycho violin screech)
So I’m attempting to compromise, which as a mom is something I oftentimes must to do for the benefit of my children. I would hate to hurt their feelings (never-mind pissing off Mr. Gnome). I’ve been trying to think of a secluded spot for him to be placed…some hidden corner of the far garden… somewhere very, very hidden…someplace where I couldn’t see him and he most certainly couldn’t see me. Somewhere very close to the property line.

Today I’d like to acknowledge not only the loving mothers out there but all women who choose to nurture others. It matters not whether it’s people, pets, plants, or nature. Thank You just the same. Thank You for allowing the flow of love to lighten the world. Thank You for your willingness to give selflessly of yourself without demanding anything in return. Thank You for venturing forth even when you may be frightened by what you may face. Thank You for giving all that you can to create something better for someone or something else. Thank You for loving and cherishing that which you nurture, for you are the embodiment of the Great Mother Herself.

Happy Mother’s Day~ May your day be as Beautiful and Blessed as you are.

Many Blessings on your Journey )O(


5 thoughts on “The Gnome Project; Mother’s Day Musings

  1. Garden gnomes, lol – I understand your dilemma 🙂 I think you are right in not simply chucking him … he was presented to you by your children on a day meant to honor you, so tossing him would be a suboptimal way of honoring this. Instead of finding a dark, hidden, never-seen part of your garden for Mr. Gnome, why not build him a nice place to stand watch? This gives you control over establishing a place in your garden for him, a place where he might stand out in a positive way – thus honoring not just the gnome, but you and the children who gifted him to you. The gnome here is not just an example of how your children choose to honor you, he’s also an example of how you react to this choice 😉 If tulips are your favorite flower (something else we have in common), perhaps including tulips in Mr. Gnome’s new home would be a further way to honor the love your children have expressed to you?

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    • Funny you should say that! I gave my children several options of where we could place Mr. G. and they chose and cleared the perfect spot. He has taken up residence in a neutral location where some of the fairy dwellings are. Better yet, I can’t see his eyes from my bedroom window. If that were the case, I might need to express how cool he looked wearing dark sunglasses~ 😉

      We are transplanting the bulbs along the line of ferns. I’m hoping the location isn’t too shady for tulips to thrive, but we want to give it a go anyway 🙂

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  2. Ohhh ❤

    You know, this post appeared in my reader for some time and I refused to read it because I saw this red pointed cap and knew it's a garden gnome. And that in connection with mother's day – No!
    Not gonna read that.
    And now I must apologize deeply, because I did you wrong. Reading about your day and the gifts from your children gives me goosebumps and makes me happy. That's a gift to me now, so I thank you and your kids! ❤

    And the gnome is a good one, as far as garden gnomes go. Oh, we got gnomes over here which need to be tossed right into the plastic waste. Vile, foul schmaltz. This one is actually decent, for a gnome.
    But I so understand your reaction; I am happy to read you all found a solution.

    made my day 😀

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    • There are no ways to properly express my appreciation and gratitude towards you and your comments. Thank You for seeing past the red pointed hat of a gnome, because you’ve made my day too!

      And you’re probably right, he’s not half bad, as far as garden gnomes go. In fact, I’d venture to say he’s kind of grown on me, lecherous eyes and all…well, sort of. I never saw a garden gnome statue in person while growing up in Southern California. Then I spent a few weeks one summer traipsing all over the English countryside and what I saw on people’s lawns could never be un-seen. I’m talking about Pennywise the Dancing Clown kind of shivers. I can only imagine what you may have seen in your neck of the woods 🙂

      Thank You for continuing to give my musings and ramblings a chance. I know you sometimes read further than you probably want to, but you bravely venture on where others wouldn’t bother and for that I truly treasure you )O(

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