Full Moon Tarot Activity

April Pink Moon Blessings!

I hope you are enjoying the Full Moon Energy as She illuminates us with Her loving glow. Allow your intuitive abilities to shine!

I’m teaching my Tarot class tonight so I created a Full Moon Tarot Activity to share with my students and I thought I’d share it with you too. Please feel free to print it out for your personal use. (copy and paste should work, if not just let me know)


Turn off your phone, smudge, ground and center, light a candle, and cast a Circle if you wish. Counting down to alpha or opening your chakras before you begin will also be helpful.

After you have finished,(as with any magickal working) remember to ground properly by closing your chakras or counting upwards to normal consciousness, closing your Circle in your normal fashion, thank your guides, eat and drink something, etc.

Many Blessings on your Journey )O(







5 thoughts on “Full Moon Tarot Activity

      • Yea. I made an account there about half a year ago coz I’m not on fb and never will be, and ello is an alternative … of some sorts…
        Very beautiful stuff up there, but – dunno… too much beauty and too less content for me. I had more posts but deleted them all and don’t spend much time there. But there IS awsome stuff there, so you might find some of it. 🙂

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  1. P.S. Before I hadn’t discovered the explanations and questions to the layout; they add depth and I find them very helpful, adequate and … wholesome, I think is the word. Thank you again! 🙂

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