Do You Still Believe?

I do.

I believe that the stillness of the Winter Solstice ritual lasts for many days. It gives me strength to maintain the calm before the storm because I have slowed the pace in my life and within my family’s Hearth. By becoming the Eye of the Storm, the center of calm, I observe what transpires in the wake of holiday induced stress. It helps keep me from falling into the trap of frantic shopping, endless to-do lists, emotional exhaustion and the eventual sad letdown after the mountain of gifts have been torn through. That was all I knew while growing up. Well that and Midnight Mass.

Our family looks forward the Winter Solstice season, to seeing all the glittering lights, pretty presents under the tree and can’t help but feel more than just an inkling of pure magick during this time of giving and receiving that is not exclusive to any one religious or cultural group. We gravitate together to help bring light back into the world and celebrate the rebirth of the sun and the gift of life from the Goddess.

It’s also during this time that family dysfunction rears its ugly head. This is the first year it’s ever been just the four of us; me, my husband and the two youngest. My oldest son moved off to college last fall. It’s been oddly comforting, having that peace that floats upon the surface of our lives until it’s skimmed away during the holidays.

It pulls away with it the bandages of old wounds that have yet to, or perhaps never will, heal. There’s a hollowness that lives in everyone but there’s some pain that only a mom can know. That familiar sadness sometimes hits so fast and hard, it’s like I’ve had the wind knocked out of me. Other times it slowly seeps in like an ugly ink stain.

Tonight I’m thinking about my oldest child, my beautiful daughter and my wish that she grows up into a happy, healthy adult, unites with her Soulmate and they go on to be parents to beautiful babies and create a fulfilling life together. You know, that Happily Ever After. I want that for her because I love her and want her happy, but mostly because she so badly wants that for herself. She has confided in me those dreams for her future self and will mention it every now and then, during those touch and go moments that break my heart.

But as long as she continues to say, “someday”, I will have hope. I know deep down that it really has nothing to do with the fairy-tale but all to do with her making it through another day in a broken life.

My oldest daughter is a heroin addict and has been using needles for over five years.

It’s especially hard around this time of year because it’s when relatives will pop into my life and start asking the dreaded questions. One of which is how my back is doing. And the other one, how my oldest is. Most of the time I’ll just say “fine” and that usually ends it without further probing. Besides, I know they are just trying to be polite, but I also know they have no real expectation that I am going to tell them otherwise. We’re a small enough family that if they don’t already know the answers then they really don’t need to know.

So when I tucked my youngest daughter into her bed tonight I kissed her on the forehead like always and told her to have sweet dreams. She secretly confides that she still believes in Santa and that she was hoping he would leave her a big chapter book under the tree tonight. And that’s when it hit me. That deep sorrow that is as familiar as an old worn-out shoe and just as painful. I don’t know if it’s because she’s getting older and I quietly fear losing her too or if it’s because I know her older sister is at that very moment suffering in the detox unit during her ninth attempt at rehab and will be in Blackout through the weekend.

I remind myself that at least I know where she is this Christmas.

I hope she knows that she’s giving herself the gift to try again and giving me the gift of hope to see her through to the other side.

So even though I’ll be sneaking the cookies off the tray by the fireplace and slipping a boxed set of the Harry Potter series under the tree, I still believe in all things magickal. I believe in hope, and strength of will. I believe in the power of healing and finding that from within. I believe in the Goddess and the sun and that the world can be a warm, good place. And most importantly I believe in love.

Many Blessings on your Journey )O(


7 thoughts on “Do You Still Believe?

  1. Most importantly, it comes across in your writing that you still believe in your eldest daughter … this benefits you both, I think. I wish you and your family strength and a breakthrough, and may it come soon.

    And Harry Potter is, in my opinion, one of the very best presents … it’s not just opening up a new world for someone (which is why I love books as presents in general), it’s opening up a world worth exploring 🙂


    • Thank You for your thoughts and wishes Stormwise. And yes, we love books around here, but she is the most voracious reader of all. So I have a very contented daughter who is curled up in the reading chair, thrilled to continue the amazing adventures at Hogwarts (since she has only read book 1).

      As the world turns so should the pages of books! Solstice Blessings to you and yours~ )O(

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  2. I feel your sadness deep in your heart. I too have holiday blues induced by adult children. Nothing to do with drugs but the pain I feel is just as heart wrenching! I joined in on Silver Raven Wolf’s Great Release Program again this year (she does it in December). She ask that we make a mission statement for the month. My daughter made a comment “It’s all about you, you, you …. when I got upset because my son and his wife accused me of turning them in for having a filthy home. I did not and it hurt so I backed away for a while to get away from the drama. Anyway – I took that negative statement and made it into my mission statement “IT’S ALL ABOUT ME, ME, ME. MY MIND, MY BODY, MY SPIRIT. LET THE HEALING BEGIN”. I too believe in the power of magick – I too hope – I took dream of peace to surround me and my loved ones. Now I add one more person; I dream of peace to surround you and yours. Maybe 2016 with be our year of miracles. 🙂


    • Thank you for your comment dear Sister in Spirit! Sorry for the late response. How did I let this comment slip by?

      I Love your mission statement! “IT’S ALL ABOUT ME, ME, ME. MY MIND, MY BODY, MY SPIRIT. LET THE HEALING BEGIN”. What a great way to honor yourself and let go of that negative crap!

      I read through my last year’s journal which made me see how I really tried to let go of things; things that I had no control over. Chaos and drama are not something I want in my life either. Learning to take control of how I reacted to stressful situations gives me limitless strength to keep the chaos away. I try really hard to get better and better at it and sometimes I succeed. I just keep telling myself that practice makes progress.

      I checked out Silver’s website and her Great Release Program and I think she’s got a lot of great ideas. Since it’s the start of the month, I think I’ll have some fun following the weekly theme and craft ideas,(those gnomes make me smile)tweak them a little and I’ll use my We’Moon calendar for planetary transits, etc.

      Thank you for sending me and my family hopes and dreams of peace. I surround you and yours with those same healing energies of peace, and may the harmony of magick flow freely in our hearts and lives~ So mote it be! Blessed Be 2016! )O(


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