Just Like Glass Floats Near the Shore

Just merrily bobbing along with the current, like a glass float near the shore.

Nothing new here. No new tale to tell.

And I like it that way.

Everyone’s life is an evolving story, full of chapters designed by us, and it’s our job to turn the pages, to get to the next chapter and to hopefully, with any success, finish the book.

It’s a suspense novel, unpredictable, full of nice, and sometimes not very nice characters (who without these unsavory characters there would be no point to the story, now would there?) There’s really no fun in long term predictability either. Predictable people, places, or things can be rather boring. But boring is a very welcome thing for me at the moment.

After a particularly long month with a lot of traveling, my patience had worn thin. I became grumpy, and depressed. I felt overwhelmed by the weight of something (not just the accumulated laundry pile) that I just couldn’t seem to put my finger on.

I fall into the category of those people who spiritually believe that we decide on our life’s lessons before we incarnate. We, as stupid, ethereal souls cook up these grand ideas-adventures-learning experiences-which really means piles of shit to deal with,

But, I am at the beach with my husband, sitting on the bed in the hotel room listening to the waves crash and someone’s children playing on the sand below. It’s an absolutely beautiful, warm sunny day, and to be perfectly honest, I’m quite comfortable and content with where I am at this moment.

Like one of those Japanese glass fishing floats, buoyant, just going along with the ebb and flow, nowhere we have to be, nothing in particular we have to do. We just are.

No, I’m not out wandering along the shore, letting my toes sink into the soft wet sand. I’m not fighting off seagulls or wondering when the next high tide is. I’m not walking into the wind nor am I walking away from it. And I’m not squinting at the sun.

Instead I choose to sit here on the cushy hotel bed propped up with a nest of pillows all around me. Of course we’ve been down to the beach several times and have wandered around for a few hours between yesterday and today, but the best part for me is sitting in this hotel room listening to the surf and wondering when we’re going to break into that strawberry cheesecake we had bought at the store on our way out of town.

We brought a couple of movies with us to watch at our leisure and after an afternoon of wonderful romps (and a favorable romp last night) we are completely content in staying inside-sliding door open of course, but both of us in companionable silence. And there’s a true beauty in the simplicity of it.

There’s no need to wear ourselves out taking long drives along highway 101 to discover a hidden cave or an untouched private beach. We did that sort of thing more than a decade ago and let me tell you, there’s nowhere that is as totally private as we would wish it would be…

No sanctuary like the one we have found in our hotel room. Our own little glass float.

So here I am, perfectly content to waste away the weekend shacked up with my husband, looking forward to another walk on the beach at sunset, dinner of lobster macaroni and cheese, and then later, a fluffy movie (Pillow Talk with Doris Day) in bed while sharing a pack of peanut m & m’s. Laughter. Teasing. Relaxing. And horribly unhealthy junk food. Then maybe another romp.

Life is good.

Perhaps it’s time for a nap.

Blessings on your journey )O(


3 thoughts on “Just Like Glass Floats Near the Shore

  1. Here’s to hoping that things stay the way they are for you, until you feel a need for things to change 🙂 Activity strengthens the soul. Rest recharges the soul. Our souls need both … like the ebb and flow of the tide, it is the way of things.


    • Such lovely words to live by. It’s a beautiful thing when you catch the right tide. However, when I become acclimated to the water I have a tendency to cling onto the kelp resisting the change in tide. I’m stubborn in that way, but you are so right in that our souls need both. There are times I have to shut my eyes tight in order to let go and trust in the flow.


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