The Taste of Lavender in the Shade of Cedars

While standing at the kitchen sink rinsing dishes, I gaze out the window and find myself easily lured into a simple yet wonderful daydream. I’m outside sitting beneath the giant cedars at the end of the stone path that leads to my art studio. I’m enveloped in the shade, feeling protected and safe while I sit at the little iron bistro table on the studio deck. I take a sip of fresh lavender lemonade then I close my eyes and just let the tension go. I breathe in deeply. I’m listening to the birds, the blue jays in particular, and the soft sound of cooing doves from time to time. The breeze whips my hair around my face and it tickles my nose before I can tuck it behind my ear.

This peaceful scenery within my mind leaves me asking myself the same question that I’ve asked myself most of my adult life: Why don’t you take advantage of more moments that are available to you? Why not accept a pause in life, so that you can have the opportunity to enjoy simple, uncomplicated things like walking down the stone path to be alone with your thoughts?

It’s difficult to explain the exact circumstances behind all the missed opportunities, but there’s no shortage on the list of excuses that dart around in my head, bumping into each other and becoming a chaotic clump of reasons.

Like most people, I’m easily distracted, and of course distractions are everywhere, acting as constant companions in the personal daily grind. It’s hard to switch gears in the middle of a hectic day without causing more stress, worry, or guilt for not staying ‘busy’. For every opportunity to unwind, I can give 5 excuses why I can’t or shouldn’t. I can prove there’s constant laundry, people to feed, volunteer work to catch up on, kid stuff, yard work, housework, time for friends. time to get a handle on things…You see, people depend on me.

But right now it’s quiet in the house and that daydream calls to me. The spicy scent of cedar beckons. I look longingly out the window. This is an opportunity presenting itself. So what do I do? I’ll tell you what I do; I pour myself a glass of lavender lemonade and grab my laptop; That’s what I do!

I accidentally glance at the clock on the stove as I pass by. It’s getting late and I still need to start dinner…the laundry needs to be rebooted too…oh and the plants are probably thirsty…wait, did I get the mail? I sigh heavily, and just as I’m about to set my laptop down I stop myself and say out loud, “Oh no you don’t! Get your butt out there now or you’ll never make it out there at all!”

Hmmm…I make a mental note. New mantra; Get your butt out there now or you’ll never make it out there at all! So with full resolve I keep the laptop tucked under my arm and the glass of lavender lemonade in my hand and announce, (I suppose to no one in particular) “I’ll be down at the studio!”

I wait 3 seconds. No response. So I shrug my shoulders and quietly ( & hurriedly) leave the house through the back door. I walk down the shaded stone path to the here and now as I sit in the shade beneath the cedars listening to the birds sing (especially the blue jays) and occasionally hear the mourning dove’s coo. I close my eyes and feel the breeze ruffling through my hair and caressing my skin.

I take a sip of the lavender lemonade and it tastes positively marvelous!

I smile while sitting alone in this little wonder-corner of my world, appreciating this little window of opportunity to reconnect with myself by slowing the pace. Besides, I know that no one in this family will starve to death if dinner is 30 minutes late.

It can wait.  I’m worth it.

And this lemonade truly is delicious.
Curious? Here’s the recipe:.

Lavender Lemonade  

makes 8 servings


2 cups boiling water

1 cup lavender flowers (we respectfully harvest from our herb garden)

1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 cup of sugar

2 cups cold water

lavender sprigs for garnish
Place the lavender in a glass pitcher; carefully pour the boiling water over the lavender; cover with plastic wrap and allow to steep for 10 minutes. Strain and discard lavender. Return strained lavender water to pitcher and add the lemon juice and sugar. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Add the 2 cups of cold water and mix well. Refrigerate until serving. Garnish with a fresh lavender sprig if desired.


2 thoughts on “The Taste of Lavender in the Shade of Cedars

  1. Hi,
    Ive just discovered your blog tonight & I’m following u now.☺
    This recipe sounds absolutely delicious. Plus I’ve got heaps of lavender in our too. We are definitely going to enjoy drinking this & relaxing enjoying nature etc.
    I like you at times remember that it’s so important to enjoy the now!
    When I was younger I remember juggling my career which most of the time was shift work, along with being a single Mum for quite a few years to my two then young daughter’s back in the 1990s. Plus family, children’s hobbies, socialising, homework, my own part time study, housework & meals etcetc ad infinitum,
    Sometimes I used to feel that there was no time for accept when for me “left” at all.
    Then after all of that I became very ill in so many different ways and suffered from constant chronic pain amongst other things. There were days, weeks & sometimes months in a row where my quality of life was very poor. But thanks be that has all changed for me now. I did it all myself with the help of a select learned few that truly have compassion & intelligence.
    So now that I am older (& wiser) no matter what I do each day its special! Whether it be just a relaxing day at home reading by the fire or walking on our local beach or a big day that’s a totally exhilarating day/night like when we saw the Rolling Stones live in concert, last year. I always live in “the moment & enjoy the present” now” every single day that I live. Then every single night I give thanks in my own spiritual practice every single night even when we stay overnight with friends/family or travelling I never forget to give thanks for the day that I have just lived.
    Everyday that we live is such a gift to us to actually “live” and not just “exist”! Its such a shame that more people don’t realize this fact!!
    I really do live in the present now & am mindful especially after my near death experience just a couple of years or so back.
    My NDE changed my total outlook on everything! But in saying that it’s still fine to reminisce on the best experiences in my life so far at times. But even more important is “living in the present”! As well as looking with positivity & excitement towards my future even though life has dealt me (like many so many others) some really heavy life challenges at times.
    Being mindful of everything we do is the key. Enjoy your life now!!! Otherwise before we all know…….its gone!
    I’m new to wordpress but I think my blog may interest you. Its:
    and my other blog is: http://enchanted
    The 3rd blog on there is about my NDE when I was actually dead for approximately one minute yet on the “other side” it was like an hour & so many other incredible experiences too much to write about on here.

    I can’t wait to make this. Maybe I will tomorrow as there is no time like the present!!!



    • Please let me know what you think of the lemonade! It’s truly unique. Use fresh lavender flowers (I need to add that fact to the recipe). If you use dried, make sure it’s only about 1/4 cup, otherwise all you will taste is lavender, lol.

      Chronic pain is an ugly shadow in my life that can darken the mood in an instant. I had to learn that it took a conscious effort to accept the sunlight, pull it towards me and let it shine on my world. There’s good days and there are bad days, but which ever type of day it is, that conscious effort to be in the moment and to feel the warmth of the glow that being present can give.

      But there still are crappy days. Even with a flashlight.

      Thank you for the follow. I will hop on over to check out your blogs when it’s not 1 am, lol.

      Blessings on your Journey )O(
      Merryn the Zen Witch


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